About Us


We are members of the Apostolic Faith Mission International and the WorldWide Church of God united under one emblem, one logo, with the cross, the crown and the sun and its rays in their symbolic roles. 

The Cross symbolising our origin, continued existence and destiny in Jesus Christ.

The sun and its rays symbolising God’s love and Providence, shining on all of us. 

The crown and its designs symbolising victory, glory and royalty for the entire body of Christ. 

Our emblem stands for Christ’s Lordship, the kingdom of God, the royal priesthood, a peculiar people, a chosen generation inspired to exhibit the highest standard of Christian morals.

Our Values (CIEL)


we are propelled by the love of Christ to be relevant to the communities that we minister. As compassionate people we strive to understand our members and cater for the spiritual and socioeconomic needs of our communities, showing true love, em​pa​thiz​ing with them, thus building a wholesome follower of Christ.


As followers of Christ, truthfulness, honesty and respect for one another defines who we are. We live by the principles of Christ as prescribed in the Holy  Bible. We do not cut corners and  we frown at any willful disobedience of the laws of the jurisdictions that we operate in.


Like Daniel, we have an excellent spirit in us. Excellence is our hallmark. What we do, what we say and how we conduct ourselves demonstrate excellence.


As long as Christ tarries, we aim to create and leave a long lasting legacy in the nation and beyond. We strive to create , promote and leave a better world for the next generations.

Our Mission


Hospital visits and support to old people homes offering prayers and physical and psychological support to the people

Refugee support network

We are committed to starting a refugee support network whereby we assist those in detention centres across Japan with provisions that they might be lacking and any other things they might need.

Campus Ministry

As Christians we believe in evangelical work, as such we are determined to preach the Word to the youth. Japan has a small Christian community, thus we endeavour to make disciples of all ages, through ministering to the youth we hope to fulfill the great commission through campus ministry which awards us the opportunity to reach a wider and diverse community.


At the moment we will be concentrating on hospital, retirement home visits and refugee support: but we hope to facilitate the building of orphanages across the globe.

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